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Earn upto ₹20k* per referral
Gift the Leverage Edu experience and change lives of future global citizens
*Applicable reward for non-Indian citizens will be $120 or amount equivalent to ₹10,000.
*To refer multiple people, log in with your Leverage Edu Account

How does it work

  • Step 1
    Create an account on or, login via your existing Leverage Edu account.
  • Step 2
    Share your unique referral link with your network. Or, you can enter student details via a form on your referral page.
  • Step 3
    You will be getting a notification once a student enrolls with Leverage Edu.
  • Step 4
    Track the student journey till he/she gets an admission offer and pays a deposit fee to the university of his/her choice
  • Step 5
    As soon as the student completes his/her application to at least one university, we will be sending you a reward worth ₹500 within a week (applicable only when referred student is an Indian citizen).
  • Step 6
    As soon as the student receives & submits the visa copy to us, we will send you a reward worth ₹20,000 within 10 working days (the reward will be equivalent to ₹10,000 if student is a non-Indian)
  • If the referred student is already registered with us, he/she will not be considered as a valid referral.
  • You will not be provided any details of your referees’ study preferences or any other admission related/ personal information.


There is no limit on number of students you can refer.
These vouchers are sent within 7 working days.
These vouchers are sent within 7 working days.
When a student receives an admission offer from a university, he/she is required to pay a certain percentage of fee as deposit. This step ensures that the student has blocked his/her seat in their dream university.
The reward paid for application submission need not be returned to Leverage Edu. However, you will not be eligible for the reward for deposit payment.
Over 9 million prospective students visit leverage edu websites each month. Your referral may have already registered with us.
Depends on whose referral link was used by the student first. In case Person A sent a referral link to a student on Jan 1. Person B sent a referral link to same student on Jan 2. If student used Person B's link, then Person B will get the Amazon voucher.
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